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Red Bus Nursery

We pride ourselves on our very high standards of education and facilities. We are a British curriculum nursery and have the best Nursery facilities and resources in RAK - also the safest, according to the recent Health and Safety inspection.

We Are The Best Because

  • Rated ‘Outstanding’ for Quality of Early Childhood Education by Al Qasimi Foundation & American University of RAK research

  • Teachers are British qualified

  • British nurse with 24 years experience, plus all staff First Aid trained

  • All classrooms are large and spacious.

  • All classrooms on the ground floor (legal requirement for nursery license)

  • Separate sleep and gym room

  • We have the biggest and safest play ground in RAK.

    • Different playgrounds for appropriate ages

  • UK imported resources

  • Regular field trips with our own bus for our older students

  • Strict adherence to all legal requirements on safety and age restrictions

  • All natural, Eco and child friendly cleaning products.

  • We believe in Safety and Quality.

  • Technology usage in each classroom

  • Parent communication via an App on your mobile device, so you receive:

    • daily reports for your child

    • children activity photos

    • alerts

    • newsletters

    • event notification & registration

    • communication with the teacher


Ghali has spend 2 years in Red Bus and he learned so much. He has a great experience, lot of friends and for sure he will be missing his teachers, his friends specially the Lovely.



—  Name, Title

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