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 Red Bus Nursery Clubs and Activities

In addition to our excellent EYFS teaching programme, we also offer before and after-school care, as well as specialist lessons and coaching.  Please see below for further information...

Breakfast Club


The Nursery will run a Breakfast Club for those parents who need an earlier start - either on a permanent or occasional basis. The Breakfast Club operates from 6.30 a.m. – 9.00 a.m, Sunday to Thursday. The children will eat their breakfast (provided by parents until further notice) together and then participate in fun, interactive crafts and other activities.

During this time, all Nursery staff on duty are responsible for organising and supervising breakfast and activities.  There is always at least one qualified first aider on site.


Please email for further information on fees.



For those parents who are unable to pick their children up at 1pm or need care for their older children once they finish at their school, we offer an After School club.  The club will be run by  members of our highly qualified staff, for crafts and activities from 1pm until 6pm.  There is always at least one qualified first aider on site during this time.  The younger children will be able to have their afternoon naps in our cozy sleeproom and then join the older children for crafts and other planned activities.

Snack times and dinner times are included, but at this stage we are unable to supply the children with the food.  Snacks and meals MUST be provided by their parents.  We have heating facilities for evening meals and can offer refridgerator space to keep food cool throughout the day.  Please be informed that we do not supply formula or bottled milk to the children.

Please email for further information on fees.

Music & Movement

At Red Bus Nursery, we value the importance of music in children's lives.  As well as experiencing music in their daily activities, our experienced teachers provide a specialist session, once a week to explore music further.  The music & movement programme will link to the topics being covered in class. 



Research has shown that the earlier a child learns a language the easier it is for them to grasp it, with all children having the innate capacity to master at least four languages before the age of seven. Beginning in baby class (Ladybird) we are intent upon blending the Arabic language into the children’s everyday learning experience. We believe introducing the Arabic language through play and music will significantly enrich our children’s intellectual and spiritual well-being. Each class will have 'Arabic Time' during their day. 


Holiday Camps

During the school holidays, we are open from 7am-6pm (opening hours will differ during the Holy Month of Ramadan).  Children can sign up for full or half days, for full weeks or a number of days.  The activities planned are theme-based and lots of fun!

Please watch this space for more information about our upcoming Summer Camp.

* Please click on 'Additional Extra-Curricular Activities' to find out about our other classes held on site

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